Clarisse Machanguana Foundation




Mozambique has a population of about 28 million, of whom 46% are under the age of 15, facing increasing social, health and education challenges.

School Dropout

94% girls enrolled in primary school, , half drop out by 5th grade Girls 15-24 literacy rate is 56%


3 in every 5 Mozambicans have HIV and many do not know their positive status 60% of people on treatment stop taking their treatment within 18-0months

Life Skills

300,000 young people enter job market each year with limited skills Country lacks employment opportunities for young people Limited educational and training opportunities
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Clarisse Machanguana. I was born and raised in Maputo, Mozambique. In my formative years, I was transfixed by the notion of protecting individual rights especially those of women in third world countries. That passion led me to pursue my bachelor’s in criminal justice from Old Dominion University in 1999. Afterwards, I seriously contemplated becoming a lawyer.
However, my legal studies were upended by my professional basketball career. Since the age of 15, I have been blessed with considerable height (6 feet, 5 inches) and athletic prowess. At Old Dominion, I put my talents to use on the basketball court to much success. As a result, I spent 22 years playing in the professional ranks such as WNBA and noted overseas leagues.



Indeed, my travels have been extensive; I have played basketball in the United States, Portugal, Brazil, France, Korea, Spain, and Italy. My current residence is in Milan, Italy.
My vast experience in sports has allowed me to hone my foreign language skills set. Thus far, I speak four different languages, namely Portuguese, English, Italian, and Spanish. I have mastered languages because I enjoy learning, sharing, and understanding cultures other than my own.
Eager to give back, I have recently penned my first book (an autobiographical account of my life to date). I hope my book inspires others to pursue their true callings. My passion has been to elevate deserving youth into sports irrespective of economic status and family turmoil. I can attest to the power of sports excellence to open doors for the disadvantaged.